Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love List Continued

41. He purchases feminine products at the store without complaining.

42. He understands that women are really not that complicated. If a man loves a woman more than he loves himself, and treasures her and seeks to always make decisions with her best interests in heart, and this loves is coming from a man she wants, she will give him the world in return.

43. While at a party or other public function, he does not cling or hover. He does find times, however, throughout the evening to send me a wink, or get close enough for a touch of his hand

44. As my man, he embraces my spontaneity and closet wickedness. He indulges me whenever possible. Enough said. (This is a family blog after all).

45. He does not hold grudges

46. He loves his mama

47. He knows how to hold a conversation

48. Children and animals like him.

49. He enjoys cultural events like the symphony or live theater; or if he does not, he is willing to occasionally indulge my pleasure in these events.

50. He lovingly grabs fistfuls of my hair

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